Argos FAQ

Argos is always growing and evolving. FAQs will be updated with new releases.

  • Argos is our purpose built reg tech platform. It helps you to track, understand and communicate the impacts of regulatory change in a collaborative way.
  • We have partnered with experts to provide collections of content that are updated regularly (sometimes daily) on the regulatory changes affecting various industries. We’ve started with superannuation and financial advice.

There are a number of features in the platform designed to help you track, understand and communicate the impacts of regulatory change in a collaborative way.

For example:

  • Tracking via the timeline: Each page of content is linked to events. You’ll see each of the events in the timeline and their level of impact (red: high/act now, yellow: intermediate/keep an eye on, green: low/good to know)
  • Export content for different briefing levels (e.g. Board Briefing, Executive Briefing, Operational Deep Dives)
  • When the pages are updated, you’ll be able to see what has been updated with familiar track change notations.
  • Each day there’s an update, you’ll get alerted via email with direct links to the pages.
  • Searching: Search through the pages for a topic or using hashtags
  • Filter your search, including via impact levels
  • Set an alert and your favourite pages. Tag a colleague to alert them to a specific page.
  • Direct access to the expert who created the content
  • There’s an inbuilt chat function to alert and collaborate with your team.

Book in for a demo to see them in action!

  • Check out our current collections here.
  • If you’re a content creator or don’t see your topic area, we’re looking to add more collections, so please get in touch.

Each collection is different, depending on the area of regulatory change. Some collections are updated daily (well, every working day).

  • Yes, you can export the content on a page or multiple pages with the click of a few buttons. For example, if you’re preparing a board briefing on recent regulatory changes, you can just select the Board Briefing sections.
  • You can currently export to PDF or Word.

Contact us to book in for a chat with our amazing team who can walk you through the platform. We’ll send you our T&Cs and you can get started with an obligation free 14 day trial.

  • Helping you to navigate complex change is in our DNA. We’re exploring some exciting projects with content creators to make the complex more certain. Follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates!
  • We’re also on the hunt for more content creators. If you’re a content creator and have something to say about regulatory change, we’d love to chat to you!